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NOS Refills Available in Santa Fe, NM

Do you want your engine to deliver better performance? Nitrous oxide, or NOS, can help. At Yearwood Performance, we provide complete nitrous refill services you can rely on in Santa Fe, NM. 

How Can Nitrous Oxide Help My Car? 

Because of nitrous' cooling effect on your car's airflow, this allows for more oxygen and fuel to boost your car's horsepower and performance. Additionally, you only need a small amount of nitrous oxide for the horsepower to improve. 

Is Nitrous Oxide Good for All Cars? 

Yes. Nitrous oxide is usable for any car from top-performance racing cars to normal driving cars. While many people who use nitrous oxide do it for racing, nitrous oxide can help any car move faster due to increased acceleration. Nitrous oxide is also available for diesel trucks, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. 

How Can I Inject Nitrous Oxide Into My Car? 

Nitrous oxide injection comes in two ways: dry and wet systems. 

Dry systems only have nitrous and are mainly for cars that add fuel in via the fuel injector. Wet systems have both nitrous and fuel. Wet systems are available in single nozzle, plenum bar, direct port, or plate kit form. All of these put the nitrous and fuel into the intake manifold. 

How Can Yearwood Performance Help Me? 

When you want to boost the performance of your car, Yearwood Performance is ready to help. With over 8000 sq. ft. of performance parts, we have the part you want. 

We can look over your car and provide suggestions such as whether a dry or wet system is better and what amount of nitrous oxide is best. We also can refill your empty nitrous oxide bottles. 

Whether you want to learn more about our NOS refills or see what parts we have available, reach us at (505) 293-9190. We are happy to ship your part to you anywhere in New Mexico.

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