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When you are trying to do the finish work on your hot rod or race car, there is a lot to take in consideration when it comes to proper plumbing. There are many different types of fittings and hoses that can be used for all the plumbing on your car. The cooling system, fuel system, brake system and your vacuum can all be done in AN style fittings and hoses. AN style fittings and hoses don’t only look better but also a better alternative than regular rubber hose. Interesting note about these fittings and hose, the term AN was originally used for army/navy, the technology was used widely in military applications for decades now. First, we have a push-lock style hoses and fittings that is very simple to use. These hoses handle pressure up to 250 psi and can be used on many different parts the car. These you simply cut to length and push the hose onto the hose end. The hose is similar to rubber hose in appearance, but it comes in blue and black and the fittings are available in blue, polished and black. These are very popular because of the ease of use. Sizes 4AN through 12AN are available in push-lock. Next we have braided steel and nylon braided hose with steel reinforcement. This hose is more commonly known in the hot rod community. It has similar uses as push-lock but can handle much higher pressures, over 1000 psi. Braided hose is available in 4AN through 16AN sizes. The hose ends are also available same colors as push-lock. Then we have Teflon braided hose and fittings. This is by far the highest pressure hose we have, up over 10,000 psi. This hose is available size 3AN through 10AN with similar colors as the others. The hose ends are different then the regular braided steel fittings, they use a ferrule between the Teflon and the steel braid. This hose is used a lot on nitrous and brake systems, both have considerably higher pressure requirements than a fuel system. We pride ourselves on having an incredible selection of fittings and adapters that we are adding to all the time. We carry hose ends in straight, 30*, 45*, 60*, 90*, 120*, 150* and 180* angles, cause you never know what you are going to need to get the job done right. And, hose we carry has a coating on the inside to help with deterioration cause by ethanol fuels. Ethanol is very corrosive and if left in rubber lines it will eat away and cause the lines to leak. The coating is supposed to help with that. But, if you want to make certain you won’t have a problem, you could use the Teflon lines hose, Teflon is impermeable to the corrosive fuels we use today. I will have to write about the massive amount of fittings and adapters we have in stock and all the different uses they have in another month. Meanwhile, come check out the hundreds of hose ends and fittings we have available at either location. We can even build the hoses for you if you would like.

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