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Racing fuels and higher octane can make a good build even better. The ability to utilize higher compression or more boost can be more effective when using the right octane fuels. Octane is a chemical in petroleum that is used to rate different types of gas. In slang, we often use the term "high octane" to define something of very good quality. Many different octane levels are offered in aftermarket fuels. We stock Torco brand race fuels in both leaded and unleaded. We have the 100 and 108 unleaded, 110, 112, 112 Oxygenated, 118, and 118 Oxygenated leaded fuels. We also carry Methanol and E98 (98% Ethanol) fuels as well; similar to E85 you see at the pumps, but much better. So, let’s see if we can make some sense of all of this. The numbers we see on the pump at the gas station are octane ratings, that number is an average of two different octane measurements, RON and MON. The RON is the Research Octane Number rating. Simply put, RON determines a fuel's 'anti-knock' quality or resistance to pre-ignition; or if you want to put in another way, the octane number suggests its resistance to detonation. While MON (Motor Octane Number) is similar, it is tested at a higher engine RPM, therefore it tends to be a lower octane number, usually about 8-12 points lower than RON. Most of the race fuels tend to use MON when determining their octane ratings. Our race fuels have octane ratings starting at 100 and go as high as 118 octane, most engine don’t need 118 octane fuel, but some of us use it in our race engine with high compression, lots of nitrous or under a lot of boost. Most everyone that has stepped up their game find themselves needing more than pump gas can offer. For example, I have a turbocharged Hemi that has two different boost settings, the lower tune works fine on pump gas with a posted 91 octane, the higher boost level requires more, closer to 94 or 96 octane fuel. And for those of us that land in the middle, we have Torco’s Accelerator, an unleaded fuel octane concentrate. You can increase your octane level by as much as 14 points by adding 32 ounces of concentrate to 5 gallons of fuel or only increase it 4 points if you add the can to 20 gallons of pump gas. This stuff works on anything, street or race cars, motorcycles, boats, snowmobile, ATV and UTVs and it doesn’t care if it’s injected, turbocharged, supercharged or normally aspirated. Just pick your poison level and start brewing. The last thing I would like to touch on is oxygenated fuels. I like to refer to oxygenated fuel as FREE horsepower. It takes oxygen to burn fuel; these fuels bring exactly that, oxygen. I found that I needed to increase the jets in my carburetor by 6-8%, meaning my fuel volume increased. This means burning more fuel and making more horse power. Since the price of oxygenated fuels is the same, it is FREE horsepower. No reason to leave it on the table, might as well use it, did I mention it is FREE? All the Torco products are available at either Yearwood Performance Centers. We will be more than happen to discuss your fuel needs with you, stop on by for some “high octane” advice.

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